What are the advantages of TCM in treating nephropathy?

  The treatment of kidney disease is very important, perhaps we know more about treatment methods are usually treated with traditional Chinese medicine or Western medicine treatment. Among them, Western medicine treatment most is to use hormone, treatment effect is very quick, but the side effect that produces is also many.

  And, the Chinese medicine treatment, perhaps everybody is not very understanding, but the Chinese medicine treats the kidney disease effect is also very ideal, and compared with Western medicine treatment, Chinese medicine still has certain superiority. First of all, we should know that TCM treatment of kidney diseases mainly have four aspects, slow, adjust, cure, solid. In the use of medicinal herbs. is also based on plant Chinese medicine, to avoid animal medicine, especially the more toxic centipede, scorpions and so on.



  Because the kidney function of the kidney is very poor, so, in the process of treatment should try to choose a more moderate drug, to avoid the patient's kidneys more damage. In this respect, the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine are: in the blood circulation disperses blood stasis, heat-clearing and detoxification on the basis of treatment, there will not destroy the patient's appetite, compared with Western medicine, the advantage is more obvious, not only will not produce side effects, but also from the treatment of kidney disease.

  Especially suitable for low immunity, poor physical condition of children and elderly patients. In the treatment of technology. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment is mainly the use of micro-Traditional Chinese medicine method for treatment, is the granular drug directly to the patient's kidneys, can make the effect of the drug to play the greatest role. Drugs are also being used the most. Chinese medicine treatment can prevent recurrence effectively. The advantage is mainly in the pharmaceutical from the boil to take the process, it takes some time, in this time, the drug will be lost. In addition, some drugs may not be completely dissolved in the water, but if the use of micro-traditional Chinese medicine treatment, you can avoid this situation.