How to reduce creatinine

  It is of great importance to reduce creatinine in patients with chronic renal insufficiency in early stage. The level of creatinine and urea nitrogen reflects the renal function of patients with chronic renal insufficiency. The higher the index, the more severe the damage of renal function. In general, the ratio of creatinine to urea nitrogen is about 1:10.

  Therefore, it is the most important method to treat early kidney disease and reduce creatinine and urea-nitrogen in the treatment and prevention of renal function. First of all should be based on the cause. In fact, the increase of creatinine in kidney disease is mainly pathological change with small circulation injury, chronic glomerular sclerosis and basement membrane injury. Using micro-Traditional Chinese medicine treatment, mainly to remove the chronic glomerular basement membrane injury of the immune complex and lesion tissue, while repairing the chronic glomerular basement membrane. Once the damaged basement membrane is repaired, changed the structure of the kidney, enlarged the chronic glomerular filtration area, creatinine will gradually decline, but this needs a process, at this time must prevent colds, control diet and mood, not overworked, control blood pressure, blood sugar and other factors, protect good kidney work can.



  As long as you notice this, creatinine will come down! For patients with kidney disease, urea nitrogen is often associated with elevated levels of creatinine, and sometimes two separate elevations are observed. Creatinine and urea nitrogen are generally the two major manifestations and indicators of renal dysfunction. In general, higher creatinine levels than 177umol/l are chronic renal failure, including chronic and chronic kidney failure. Urea nitrogen is also mainly kidney work can damage, urea nitrogen not to better from the urine and in the blood concentration increased, if the pure urea nitrogen increased, creatinine does not rise, meaning is not significant, can do observation. Second, there are a small number of chronic kidney disease, kidney syndrome patients can also appear a high level of latent blood nitrogen, mainly seen in the height of edema, because less urine so that the blood urea nitrogen can not be discharged with urine, accumulated in the blood caused.

  If creatinine and urea nitrogen are elevated, the treatment is the same as the treatment of creatinine elevation, after the treatment of renal filtration can be increased, creatinine decreases and urea nitrogen decreases. It is worth noting that the past is just blindly use diuretics, that the urine amount of urea nitrogen will be down, but this is only the method of palliative, can not fundamentally alleviate the patient's condition, and it is affected by various factors, sometimes appear to deceive patients. The use of micro-traditional Chinese medicine is to block the fibrosis of kidney tissue, the progress of hardening, fundamentally repair the damaged kidney work can, expand the renal artery, increase the effective blood perfusion of damaged kidneys, increase the oxygen supply to the kidneys, improve renal microcirculation, reduce chronic glomerular pressure, promote chronic glomerular repair, damaged tissue structure changes, work can be restored. Thus increasing urine volume, so that urea nitrogen discharged from the body, alleviating the common symptoms of poisoning patients.