How to control creatinine value?

  Clinically, different creatinine values represent different degrees of renal impairment in patients. creatinine high for kidney disease is a good precursor, so, in life if there is a high creatinine situation, to timely control, is the root cause to avoid the crux of the disease.

  So how do you control creatinine values?


How to control creatinine value?


  Patients with renal insufficiency with high creatinine are restricted to smoking and drinking.

  As we all know, alcohol and tobacco is very stimulating, because the poison of alcohol is very large and is mainly to the kidney, blood vessels of the poison, smoking, drinking more to the kidney blood vessel damage greater, earlier aggravated the kidney arteriosclerosis, more promote the glomerulosclerosis,

  Therefore, whether the kidney function is normal or renal dysfunction of the patients with high creatinine should strictly quit smoking and alcohol, to avoid causing greater damage to the kidneys.

  Uremia patients with high serum eggs because of the rescheduling of patients with nitrogen, renal insufficiency, so to eat some protein high food, not too much protein food, in order to control the continued deterioration of kidney function, should control protein intake, choose high quality protein diet rich in quality.

  Creatinine is limited to high salt content.

  Clinically, for renal insufficiency compensatory period, in patients with nitrogen-blood disease, although the high creatinine, and began to appear a variety of mild clinical symptoms, but due to pathological moderate injury, can be seen if there is no high blood pressure and edema, control of salt intake, respectively, given a low salt or salt-free diet. Patients with high creatinine should choose foods rich in Vitamin A, vitamin B2 and vitamin C.

  Because there are diseases to be supplemented with some vitamins. In addition, if the kidney function is not all only high creatinine, but no less urine, no swelling patients can not help salt and water, maintain a low salt diet. If there is severe edema, and high blood pressure and even heart failure, the prohibition of salt should be strictly restricted.