Why does creatinine rise?

  1. The original renal insufficiency of people, such as the combination of infections, including colds, pneumonia, intestinal infections, urinary tract infection, can be in the short term blood creatinine elevated.

  2. Dehydration in the body, such as fever, sweating, drinking water volume decreased, multiple urine lead to blood concentration, renal blood flow decreased, can be elevated blood creatinine.


Why does creatinine rise?


  3. The original kidney disease patients, the use of drugs that damage the kidneys, can appear blood creatinine elevated, and even irreversible.

  4. The original kidney disease patients, due to relapse, the occurrence of less urine, and even no urine phenomenon, can be combined with acute renal insufficiency, resulting in elevated blood creatinine.

  5. Life fatigue, rest bad, life details do not pay attention to, can also cause a blood creatinine elevated.

  6. The original hypertension, blood pressure is not controlled well, long-term medium and large amounts of proteinuria (24 hours total urine protein is greater than 1 grams or even 1.5 grams), can be slow to progress unconsciously in the presence of blood creatinine elevated.