Reducing the lifestyle of creatinine

  Pay attention to drinking water, in principle drink 6-8 cups of water a day to prevent water shortage. In the absence of water, fluid concentration, urine volume reduction, creatinine elevation. But drinking too much water can raise blood pressure and increase kidney stress.

  Find a balance between lack of water and too much water. Limit the level of activity. During strenuous exercise, food converts to energy faster and produces more creatinine.


Reducing the lifestyle of creatinine


  But exercise also has a lot of benefits, should not be abolished, but to remove high-intensity, such as walking and yoga instead of running and basketball. Sleep well! During sleep, most body function decreases, including metabolic levels, and the rate at which creatinine is produced is reduced, allowing the kidneys time to drain their accumulated creatinine.

  Every day to ensure 6-9 hours of sleep, lack of sleep will be the whole body to cope with the pressure of normal tasks, reduce kidney clearance ability. Limit salt. Too much salt can lead to fluid retention and elevated blood pressure, which increases creatinine.

  Daily salt should be in 2-3g, bottled sauce and canned soup salt is not low, eat less! Pay attention to the amount of protein ingested. High-protein foods should not be eaten as much as possible, especially red meat and dairy products. The most common source of creatinine in food is animal protein, which can be a threat to people who already have high creatinine.

  Since protein is the guarantee of organism function, it should not be completely limited, but should be obtained from plant protein as far as possible.

  The kidneys have poor ability to deal with phosphorus, avoiding foods rich in phosphorus, such as pumpkins, wax gourd, cheese, fish, shellfish, nuts, skim milk and soybeans. In the case of kidney problems, limit the intake of foods containing a lot of potassium, such as dried fruits, bananas, spinach, potatoes, beans, etc. Potassium can not be excluded will accumulate, resulting in abnormal cell function.