Creatinine staging


Creatinine staging



  Period In the stage of chronic kidney disease, GFR (glomerular filtration rate) normal or slightly elevated, GFR level in 90ml/min/1.73㎡ above, at this time the human kidney belongs to Sub-health state, and no obvious discomfort, this need to take regular medical examination.


  Period Chronic kidney disease Two, GFR level from the first stage of 90ml/min/1.73㎡ above to 60-89ml/min/1.73㎡, chronic kidney disease began to become somewhat serious.


  Period When chronic kidney disease from two stage to three, it is already the kidney moderate abnormalities, GFR level from two phase of 60-89ml/min/1.73㎡ began to reduce to 30-59ml/min/1.73㎡, (of which 3 glomerular filtration rate 45-59ml/min/1.73㎡ when 3a period, 30-449ml/min/1.73㎡ 3b Period)


  Period To chronic kidney disease four period, at this time glomerular filtration rate is severely reduced, GFR level has dropped to 15-29ml/min/1.73㎡.


  Period Chronic kidney disease Five period, at this time has developed to kidney failure stage, GFR level has fallen to 15ml/min/1.73㎡ below.