Dietary taboos during kidney disease treatment

  Kidney disease in the process of treatment, some of the food to its treatment will have a certain role. As we all know, in kidney treatment, doctors often remind patients to eat less meat, especially acidic meat, in order to ensure timely recovery of patients.

  So in the process of kidney disease, patients should eat less or not eat what food?


Dietary taboos during kidney disease treatment


  During the treatment of nephropathy, the dietary aspects of nephropathy should be treated with a reasonable diet to shorten the course of the disease and achieve better therapeutic effects.

  First of all should know kidney disease patients, especially glomerulonephritis patients should not eat what?

  1, Chicken: Chicken contains a wealth of protein, is not conducive to the rehabilitation of kidney disease.

  2, eggs: chronic kidney disease, especially renal function and metabolic decline in patients, because the urine volume is reduced, the kidneys can not expel all the metabolites in vivo, so should not eat eggs.

  3, Goose meat: Ancient medicine, Goose is considered as: Dafa, not conducive to the heat of kidney disease and diuretic.

  4, Crab: Crab is also a big thing, it is not appropriate to eat.

  5, Bad fish: fish and shrimp in the theory of Traditional Chinese medicine is also a big thing, high salt content of the bad fish is not conducive to the recovery of kidney disease, so should avoid food.

  6, Banana: Cold sex food, contains more potassium, eat more bananas will cause blood potassium increase, not conducive to kidney disease recovery.

  7, spinach and bamboo shoots: These two kinds of food is cool sex food, although bamboo shoots can heat the water, but medical research also found that bamboo shoots contain more insoluble calcium oxalate, not conducive to kidney rehabilitation.

  8, Liquor: Can aggravate kidney disease patient. 9, salt: Kidney disease should not eat more salt, especially edema, but also avoid eating salt, to prevent aggravation of kidney edema.