Sun Wei

  Name: Sun Wei

  Speciality: Use the treatment theory of tonifying kidney and spleen and clean up the wet deposition to treat nephritis, proteinuria, blood urine and other diseases. Use the treatment theory of invigorating the kidney and spleen, and removing turbidity to treat chronic kidney failure.



  Brief Introduction : He has systematic study in the diagnosis and treatment of IgA Nephropathy. He has rich experience in the treatment of diabetic nephropathy, lupus nephritis, uric acid nephropathy, urinary tract infection and stones, etc. Also he has rich clinical experience in the technique of blood purification and peritoneal dialysis. Recently, he creates the theory of “Kidney Deficiency and Damp Stasis” to explore chronic kidney disease treatment and improve the long-term prognosis. This research gets remarkable result. Besides, professor Sun Wei joins actively into social welfare activities and is engaged in the popularization of traditional Chinese medicine and health science. He has published more than 190 thesis on speciality and periodicals home and abroad. Professor Sun has 20 postgraduate students, 12 doctoral students and 8 doctoral students from overseas.