Chen Zhiqiang

  Name: Chen Zhiqiang

  Speciality: Chinese Medicine Treatment for Kidney Disease


Chen Zhiqiang


  Brief Introduction: Chen Zhiqiang who is a doctor of medicine, postdoctor, chief physician, professor, and doctoral supervisor. He has totally published more than 60 academic article in national core journal. Also, he holds the position as member of China's Integration of Chinese and Western Medicine Committee, member of Nephropathy Committee, executive director of nephropathy committee of World Federation Of Chinese Medicine Societie, member of nephropathy chapter of China Association of Chinese Medicine, vice director of Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine in Hebei province, deputy of Nephropathy Committee, executive director of Society of Chinese Medicine in Hebei province, member of Hebei Medical Association and so on. He has ever received six provincial and five departmental Science and Technology Progress Award.

  Papers published by Doctor Chen Zhiqiang

  1. Effects of Curcumin to Rats with Hyperlipidemia on TXB2 and 6 Keto - PGFla

  2. The Progress of Carapacis Trionycis Bolus at Clinial and Laboratory Filed

  3. Shenluotong’s Effect at Rats with Renal Tubulointerstitial Proliferative Cells Nuclear Antigen(PCNA)

  4. Relationship Between Urinary Nephrin and Urinary Albumin Changes in Diabetic Rats and Effects of Yiqiyangyinhuayutongluo Recipe