Zheng Falei

  Name: Zheng Falei

  Speciality: Treatment of chronic kidney disease, ESRD, etc



  BriefIntroduction: Zheng Falei has been engaged in doctor for over 40 years. Once he served as the director of urology department in Peking Union Medical College Hospital. And now he takes the charge of the 11th Central Committee of jiusan Society, the director of the Central Medical and Health Committee, the 10th Standing Committee of Beijing Municipal Commission. And he is also the Professor and Doctoral tutor at CAMS(Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences) and Peking Union Medical College Hospital. He mainly works on the clinic, research and teaching work of chronic kidney disease, drug renal toxicity, renal tubular interstitial disease, electrolyte metabolism, etc. His researches focus on chronic kidney metabolic disorders and nutritional therapy, mechanism and intervention of the renal interstitial, renal tubular lesions and drug toxicity. He has published over 260 pieces of papers. And he has gained rich clinical experiences and combined theory and practice as well as high technology in diagnosis of difficult and complicated kidney disease.

  He was a member of the expert committee of the health technology qualification examination of health ministry, deputy of hypertension and electrolyte division of Chinese Kidney Disease Branch, director of Beijing Medical Association and Chair of Beijing Nephrology Branch. Now he is the executive member of the council, vice-chair of Chinese Hospital Association Blood Purification Branch, subeditor of Chinese Journal Of Blood Purification, subeditor of Chinese journal of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, International Journal of Elderly Kidney Disease and Urology, Chinese Journal Of Internal Medicine, Chinese Journal of Nephrology, Chinese Journal of Diabetes, Chinese Journal of Geriatrics, Chinese Journal of Practical Internal Medicine, Kidney Dialysis and Kidney Transplantation Journal, Diagnostic Theory and Practice, Beijing Medical Journal, Editorial Board Member of clinical kidney disease journal and other journals.