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Diets for diabetic nephropathy patients

2017-08-12 17:23

Which kind of diet can be taken for diabetic nephropathy patients?

Suitable food:

1. Staple food: Surface; maize flour; sorghum flour; buckwheat flour.

2. Vegetables: Rapeseed; pea seedlings; pickpurse; radish; pumpkin; Luffa; melon; cucumber; squash.

3. Fruits: Watermelon; red Mei; kiwi fruit; strawberry.

4.Fish; lean meat; Eggs; turtle; eel; carp bream.

5. Fatty vegetable oil: Rapeseed oil; sesame oil; corn oil; cottonseed oil.

Unsuitable food:

1. Staple food: Sweet potato; potato; taro; arrowhead.

2. Carbohydrate food: Sugar; maltose; glucose; honey; chocolate; fruit sugar; preserved fruit; canned fruit; soft drinks; jam; sweet bread; all kinds of cakes

3. Fruits: Banana; orange; litchi; grape; visceral fat; brain; egg yolk; egg.

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